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The Breitkopf & Haertel edition used as the source was published in 1877, edited by Johannes Brahms (1833-1897).

It is also called the "Süssmayr" version, because Franz Xaver Süssmayr (1766-1803) took credit for completing the Requiem after Mozart's death. There is much rumor as to who else was involved.

O Requiem Mass

The Requiem Mass in D minor (K. 626) by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was composed in Vienna in 1791 and left unfinished at the composer's death on December 5. A completion dated 1792 by Franz Xaver Süssmayr was delivered to Count Franz von Walsegg, who had anonymously commissioned the piece for a Requiem Mass to commemorate the February 14 anniversary of his wife's death.
The above text from the Wikipedia article "Requiem (Mozart)" text is available under CC BY-SA 3.0.

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ja:怒りの日, ka:დიეს ირე, ru:Судный день, sv:Vredens stora dag

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