Johan Baptist Vanhal

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  • 12 svi 1739 - 20 kol 1813
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Johann Baptist Wanhal (May 12, 1739 – August 20, 1813), also spelled Waṅhal (the spelling the composer himself and at least one of his publishers used), Wanhall, Vanhal and Van Hall (the modern Czech form Jan Křtitel Vaňhal was introduced in the 20th century), was an important Czech classical music composer. He was born in Nechanice, Bohemia, and died in Vienna.
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Other names

cs:Jan Křtitel Vaňhal, eo:Jan Křtitel Vaňhal, fr:Jean-Baptiste, Vanhal, la:Ioannes Baptista Vanhal, ja:ヨハン・バプティスト,ヴァンハル, pl:Jan Křtitel, Vaňhal, ru:Иоганн Баптист, Вангал, fi:Jan Křtitel Vaňhal, zh:约翰·巴蒂斯特,万哈尔